^F9DAAFE5AA8A9CED2527E802FEE7500C0BD01D8591478B810A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrWorking with Ocean Drive Funding you will have access to the correct financial institutions that fund Startups like yours.  At Ocean Drive Funding we offer 5 different products/solutions for business capital funding for both short and long term. If your business/startup fits the criteria for you to become part of our portfolio of successful startup capital funded deals, than this is the model you will be utilizing for funding.

Businesses use startup financing for a variety of reasons including: purchasing hardware, paying for services, buying new or updating software, working capital, equipment, payroll, consolidation, etc.. This financing is offered without providing any tax returns and not requiring large amounts of money in the bank. The personal credit history and personal assets of each owner/partner/executive within the company applying for Startup Capital will be evaluated so it is important to be aware this type of loan, other than most other funding options provided directly by Ocean Drive Funding, or its MCA/SBA partners, this sort of funding requires each person borrowing to have good credit, typically above a 650 FICO with little to no bad debt.  If you are below 650, Ocean Drive Funding’s Credit Advisers can aid in increasing your FICO swiftly so you can proceed to getting your Startup funds.

Establishing the correct business credit profile by obtaining financing as a startup is essential for your long term financial goals, but the credit of a startup business can only be evaluated by the owner’s/executive’s personal history.

A business that has been in existence for less than 2 years is typically considered to be in its startup phase. Some lucky businesses open their doors and hit the ground running. Businesses like these are funded before they open and can cover costs while launching and becoming cash flow positive. If a person open’s a pizza shop on a busy street corner in a major city with no nearby pizza shops, they are likely to sell a great deal of pizza without much need for borrowed money moving forward. Either from their own pockets, or friends and family, or hard money, they got it done without the bank. However, most companies need to market, advertise, setup an infrastructure, and sometimes the capital required vs. the average time for an investor to see a decent return on investment makes the possibility of getting funds very unlikely.


During this time it is usually difficult to find the correct lender that will issue your business the funds it needs to start, expand and grow. Applying without the aid of a partner like Ocean Drive Funding, you will find yourself often spinning your wheels and completing a great deal of paperwork to no avail.

At Ocean Drive Funding we realize that in order to be in business long enough to qualify for a small business loan or credit line, first you have to open your business and operate showing at least 20% growth for the next two years on average over 24 months.

Without startup capital few businesses would ever get off the ground in the first place. The issue is that today banks are reluctant to give money to someone to start or launch a new business without at least 3 times to value of what they want to borrow in collateral and impeccable credit. Not everyone has collateral and that should not stop something amazing from getting off the ground!

Introducing the Ocean Drive Funding Startup Capital Funding Division. If you have a business plan in place and your dream is ready to launch, it is time for us to review your business plan and projections and help you to find the money you need to make your dream into a reality. If you are already operating and require a cash insertion to take it to the next level and be profitable much faster, we can make something happen for you! Ocean Drive Funding is partnered with over 100 Business Credit Line Lenders and Startup Lenders who offer Lines of Credit as low as 0% interest for first 24 months!


To get an idea of the model in place, Ocean Drive Funding has express approval to pre-qualify and source funding for any business opened less than two years looking to fund capital, even if the numbers on paper aren’t looking that great and even if they have not officially opened their doors yet.  Even if they have not even decided what they are going to do when they open!

Contact us today and we can begin a discussion that may end with your new company going public. Don’t worry, we will stay along for the entire journey and be there to give guidance as you grow. Ocean Drive Funding is focused on your success!  Contact us today at (954) 459-4585 or email