Ocean Drive Funding can fund business capital in a variety of structures we refer to as “Products”.  These “Business Capital Funding Products” can be provided using several different parameters for approval that vary between each type of funding model.  Some faster loans typically have higher fees or rates, however the funds can be provided in a matter of days.

Ocean Drive Funding is able to fund based on business receivables, credit card receivables, using collateral, and even using creative techniques to get approvals done by evaluating the business one on one as opposed to simply using an averages chart or a graph or statistics when making a decision.

Simple Three Step Application Process

Apply Now Online or Download the PDF and Have an Answer in Just Hours!

STEP ONE: Apply Online Now

You may click here to APPLY NOW and Step One – Step Three of your capital funding process will be completed in moments.  A member of our team at Ocean Drive Funding will contact you right away to discuss options and get the ball rolling.

Please feel free to download the PDF for printing in which case you may sign and email back to underwriting@oceandrivefunding.com or call at (954) 459-4585

STEP TWO: Underwriting (4 – 6 hours)

After submitting your application and bank statements or merchant account statements, our Underwriting Department will process your application and determine if there are any additional items we may need to push the buttons and get your rate lowered or your term lengthened.

In some cases additional requests may include but not be limited to recent business tax returns, articles or incorporation or organization, voided business check, etc.

STEP THREE: Sign and Fund!

Once the terms are set in stone and the rates are locked in, we will send you an agreement to review and sign.  After you send the executed agreement back to us via email or fax, our Funding Department will contact you to verify your identity which takes about 5 minutes.

After the verification is complete they will submit your Business Capital Funding ACH or Bank Wire which will hit your account within 24 to 48 hours and be available right away to spend!